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How can AlgoHUB support our student club?

Are you part of a University Blockchain Student Club or Computer Society? We would love to support your student club.

AlgoHUB is the official authorised student club sponsor for Algorand Foundation in Asia Pacific. Algorand Foundation is a supporter of student clubs through it’s Algorand Blockchain Clubs (ABC’s) Program. You can find out more at

If your University Club is approved, AlgoHUB can provide you with:

  • Educational opportunities to learn our Pyteal or Reach programming language
  • Events, memberships, hackathons and scholarships
  • Sponsorship of 1 major student event each year at your university (for a minimum of 50 students)
  • Internship opportunities, guest speakers and a community of passionate Web3 builders for students to liaise with from our Algorand Ecosystem.
  • Airdrops, prizes and merch for events

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