Reach for a Better Tomorrow - Bounty Hack Q & A

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What are the dates of the Bounty Hack?

The kick off date will be the week of 7-3-2022. There will be 2 weeks of online learning about Reach and blockchain Programming. If you miss the training don’t worry you can still apply to the Bounty Hack and watch the tutorials online here to catch up.

Hackathon Teams will kick off on 4th April 2022 for 4 weeks. The check ins will be weekly at lunchtime and the tutorials will be in the evening so you can still have a full time job or study whilst completing the Hackathon.

Demo Day will be in May 2022 in person and online will showcase all the Reach Hackathon Projects.

How should I apply for the Hackathon?

The Hackathon is currently closed to new applicants. Please Contact Us and register your interest for our next Hackathon coming soon.

What is the itinerary of the Bounty Hack?

Click on this link to view the itinerary of the bounty hack. View the Bounty Hack Itinerary.

Reach for a Better Tomorrow

I have an idea for the Hackathon but I don't have a team?

Feel free to sign up here and we will match you with a team

Do I need to be a programmer to participate in the Hackathon?

No you will be able to participate in a team if you are a designer, a marketer or an idea generator, come along the journey.

What will we do at the Hackathon?

Teams will come up with ideas, program the ideas on the REACH platform and present the project to a global audience during Demo Day in May. You will have weekly check ins with your mentor and tutorials with local Algorand Blockchain start up founders and their teams.

What prizes can I win?

During the term of the Bounty Hack we will give out weekly bounties for completing check ins and tasks so get your Algorand Wallet ready.

Additional Prizes Include:

- 50 Algos for the first 50 people who complete the tutorial. - 100 Algos per Team weekly checkin & completion of Task. - 200 Algos per Team who finish the Hack. - 7000 Algos in prize money. - 3000 AUD- NFT for good prize ( Supplied by Deakin).

What happens after the hackathon what can I do?

You will be introduced to the Blockchain Industry Leaders and you will have opportunities to be hired by some of Australia Pacific's top Blockchain Projects.