About AlgoHUB

About AlgoHUB

There is a global shortage of Blockchain Developers. AlgoHUB will address the shortage through:

Monthly Developer Events – you can register to attend our events here

Courses in Blockchain Development, Scholarships and Accreditation

Connecting start up and projects with Developer Resources, Funding and other resources.

To find out more about Algorand Foundation how to apply for funding to build on the Algorand Blockchain – Go to our About Algorand foundation page

Based in Australia the AlgoHUB, will service and focus on global markets including Australia, NZ and Asia.

Everyone is welcome at the AlgoHUB, feel free to contact us with any questions – Contact Us

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meet our amazing team

The Faces Behind AlgoHUB

Karen Cohen

AlgoHUB Founder & Program Manager
  • Grad Dip HRM, B Science-20+ years HR and Talent Management for global consulting brands such as McKinsey and Accenture
  • Algorand Foundation Community Champion
  • Previously Deputy Chair Blockchain Australia
  • Previous HR & Operations Manager NEM Foundation
  • Previous General Manager Blockchain Centre Melbourne and BlockEngine Accelerator
  • Co-organiser Woman in Blockchain Melbourne and Founder Women in Emerging Tech
  • Previous Program Manager for Women in Fintech – Stone & Chalk
  • Previous Program & Community Manager for Prime Minister & Cabinet Office for Women’s Scholarship Program, Inspiring Rare Birds.

Peter Ince

Developer Community Manager
  • Peter is completing his PhD at Monash University in Smart Contract Security – with Algorand as a focus area
  • Previously he worked at TypHuman leading a team of developers to build a Decentralised Identity and Micro-credentialing solution
  • Peter completed his Master’s Thesis on adding private transactions and balances to the Internet of Things platform ITOA
  • He is interested in the potential for using incentivised nodes to create distributed Intelligent Agents; the tension between user privacy, responsibility and the benefit of data access for the AI ecosystem.
  • Peter has experience in Project/Technical Leadership, Tech Strategy, Software Development, Research, Web3

Thien (Jason) Pham

Blockchain Curriculum Designer
  • Jason is pursuing his Ph.D. at Deakin University in Sustainable Blockchain Systems – with Algorand as an enabler.
  • He is leading a team of developers building multiple blockchain projects at ZeroLab.
  • Jason achieved First Class Honour with the Honour Thesis on improving the educational system’s bureaucracy using a private blockchain.
  • He is interested in the great potential of blockchain technology to facilitate the ‘Greener World’.
  • Jason has experience in Project/Tech Lead, Software Engineering, Tutoring, Research, and Web3.

Sienna Belle Tungendaft

Student Community Manager
  • Sienna us completing her Bachelor’s degree of Business Entrepreneurship minoring in Blockchain Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology (RMIT)
  • She has strong interpersonal skills having worked in the events industry and as a Pilates instructor.
  • She has experience working on social media platforms, managing social pages and building connections with various communities.
  • She is passionate about blockchain technology and values platforms that display integrity and trust.

Emily Chin

Marketing Co-ordinator
  • Emily is pursuing her Research Honours at Deakin University in Consumer and Business Enhancement towards sustainability with DLT – Blockchain Systems.
  • She has completed her double Bachelor of Information System and Bachelor of IT (Cloud Computing) in early 2022.
  • She is interested in the digital arts/design/video creation and marketing communication and career goal to become a consultant.
  • Emily’s career has given her the mental dexterity to deal with diverse experiences across the industry. She is passionate about helping people, designing and developing innovative digital solutions for the futures.

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